Underneath it All – The Boys’ Turn

Okay, you men out there are not off the hook this month.  Boys, lets be honest, if you ask the woman in your life what she thinks about your underwear she is likely to be so shocked she will be unable to give you an honest answer.  So let me do it for her.  Consider it a favor.    

Let’s get right down to the, er, bottom of this.  First and foremost, gentlemen – tighty whiteys do NOT have that Tom Cruise or Michael Jordan charm going for them once they are frayed, have moved from snug to severely baggy and/or have become that slightly unsavory beige/gray color they all get.  Even when they adorn the most adored behind in our world, they look grubby and unappealing. 

If you aren’t into plain ol’ Fruit-of-the-Looms, there are other great options.  Tried and true boxers are comfy, I am told, and can be pretty sexy in a preppy/professorish sort of way.  Snug boxer briefs look awfully sporty and don’t leave the guy’s equivalent of Visible Panty Lines.  And there are those men who can work a bikini – although I don’t suggest this look once you and your physique head into middle age.  When deciding on fabrics – cotton is always a primary, but if you are feeling adventurous there are some terrific blends out there, and silk feels nice, really nice. 

When it comes to colors and prints I always recommend staying traditional and manly.  As always, black and white are mainstays, when they are their original colors.  If you are a little tough on your laundry or do your own, jersey gray isn’t a bad option as it’s already an indeterminant color so it will resist laundry sorting mishaps and look better longer.  One look to avoid: those screen printed boxer briefs that have popped up.  I have to say they look a little bit like the action hero undies that little boys wear.  So NOT sexy.  No no no.  

Is that all?  Well, no.  Through the years the standard undershirt has become the every day t-shirt and somehow wearing an undershirt for many men has drifted away.  Now sometimes this is fine, but gentlemen, we beg of you, not always!  There are still times when a good undershirt is a very good idea.  These need to be true undershirts, not a baggy or colored tee or, heaven forbid, one with a message on it.  If you tend to overheat or feel constrained with too much fabric around your arms try a tank or sleeveless style.  Again, you may want to try fabrics beyond cotton – cotton blends, silk or rayon are cool, smooth, and hold their shape well, and some are even designed to wick away perspiration.  Whatever style and material you prefer, be sure you have some clean, white, nicely fitted undershirts at your disposal.  Your dress shirts, your laundress, and those who love you will thank you! 

For both tops and bottoms, consider fit – garments should be well fitted but not tight, and certainly not droopy or baggy, especially not if they are so baggy they show through your clothes.  Rumpled-butt is a no-go!  In all cases, go for crisp and clean.  Once underwear get discolored or ratty, let them go.  Most of it isn’t so terribly pricey that you have to wear things to ribbons.  Looking sleek, clean and well cared for is always appealing.  Trust me!

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?   And now you know!

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