Getting Comfortable

Just lounging


I must confess that I am a loungewear and pajama addict.  I cannot resist checking out the sleepwear and loungewear sections of my favorite retailers.  I simply adore the feeling of cute, coordinating jammies…and while I am NOT the silk nightie kind of girl (although I sure admire my girlfriends who are!) I do try to put a little care into my loungewear and pj’s.  Especially since I am not the only one having to look at them!  Who wants an “I don’t really care” look, even at home?  I think that behind closed doors is the BEST time to make yourself feel good about how you look.  And if you live with someone else, looking delectable can be even more….hmmm….well….delectable!

For throwing on after work I have several sets of velour sweats and some tops and pants that are in yummy but washable fabrics so I don’t care if the dogs get in my lap for our end-of-day cuddle.  I also have a very small collection of oversized tee shirts and jerseys emblazoned with my beloved NBA team’s logos which even I can’t part with – they are definitely not fashion statements but I try to create intentional outfits with them so I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed or as if I am about to go clean a bathroom or paint a fence or something. 

For actual sleeping I like soft, stretchy knits that don’t bind my legs or other parts of my anatomy.  To keep them from looking like workout clothes and to make myself feel pretty I select matching sets with feminine details in the colors, prints or trims.  My beloved refers to these as “Doris Day” pajamas and while they are definitely not sophisticated or remotely racy I am assured they have their own appeal.  Moreover, I feel good in them, even when I have a nasty cold. 

Now I challenge you to cast an editorial eye towards what you wear when you unwind.  How do you feel?  Do you run diving for cover when the doorbell rings?  Are there items you wear that tend to trigger your significant other to ask if you are coming down with something?   Yep, we all have ‘em – the faded granny nightgowns, baggy sweats and raggedy tees, the stained tanks and holey flannel pants.  While these pieces feel okay, they can look pretty depressing. What to do? 

It’s not time to jettison all of your beloved comfy clothes.  And there is no need to invest in a whole new wardrobe for just at home.  But give yourself an opportunity to put a little thought into what you have and how you wear it.  Comfortable does not need to equal ratty or unflattering.  So make yourself a little time to take a look at your comfy stuff and how you look in it and touch it up a bit. 

For example, I have this oversized sweater/sweatshirt tunic that I simply love for its comfort, but even I realize makes me look about 8 ½ months pregnant.  Unwilling to part with it, I spent a few minutes one Sunday morning to figure out a better way to wear it.  What I came up with was to belt it with a soft sash borrowed from a t-shirt dress over a pair of leggings and my ballet flat slippers – it suddenly looked cute and like an *outfit*. 

I also regularly challenge myself to let go of those items that are really past their prime or never had a prime to begin with.  No matter how wonderfully comforting they may be, if they are starting to look like gardening clothes its time for them to realize that destiny…or hit the rag or charity box.  I strive to be honest with myself about the items that didn’t work in the first place – like those darned capri pants that were such a cute color I couldn’t resist buying them and that were soooooo unflattering – then take note, remember it the next time I am tempted to buy a similar garment and resist

If you are ready for some new things, this *is* the time to indulge your inner self whomever she is.  If you have an inner girly girl go for it- ribbons and bows may not always be okay for every day, but they are perfect for bedtime, as is pink, lace, flowers, even chiffon if it tickles your fancy.  If you aren’t ready for full-on Diva during the day, try it on at home.  I love the harem pant look but realize I don’t really have the right place to wear it – except at home!  Relaxing at home is a great opportunity to change it up, even if it’s just wearing colors that you would never dream of wearing out and about. 

We don’t have to go completely the other way here, with babydoll gowns and robes so sexy that they would make your average pole dancer blush.  There is a vast and happy middle ground of pretty and flattering, and its time to embrace it, with no loss of comfort!   You can be the sophisticate in silk and cashmere, the diva in caftans and maxi dresses, the sporty girl in yoga-like knits – all terrific options to meet your personal comfort, practicality and sartorial wishes.  Work with what you have and what works for you to build this part of your wardrobe.   There are some great options and some of them are probably already in your closet…so go get ‘em! 

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