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February 19, 2011

Underneath It All – For Her

Underneath it All

I’m baaaccckkk! I have returned from vacation and re-entered reality (whew!) and now I can get back to blogging.  When last we chatted the topic was lingerie.  Although February 14th is behind us, we are not done yet!  Today’s post is for women (sorry boys) and we continue with that most essential of fashion necessities, undies! 

Our underwear is probably the most neglected portions of our wardrobes.  I bet if each of you took a close look at your lingerie you would find at least one item that is the wrong size for your current self and at least three things that are faded, discolored or so generally worn and ratty that you wouldn’t want anyone to see them.  At least!  And yet, there they are.  And in the rush of morning they get grabbed and worn, time after time.

Here is a part of our wardrobes where function and beauty can and should marry but never seem to do more than have a brief hook up.  Now I recognize that not all comfortable or functional underwear is all that gorgeous, and sometimes lacy thongs must give way to plain old cotton panties.  But generally speaking, a little care and some planning can at least give you something to smile about.  Let’s face it – it’s pretty hard to feel sexy in a faded bra and granny pants – no matter what you are wearing on the outside. 

A dreary winter afternoon is a great time to take an hour and go through that panty drawer – sort out what you wear and what you don’t.  Take a look at each piece – toss the stuff that looks really ratty, has unintended holes, doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel good.  Figure out why that cute thong never gets worn – Fit? Color? Feel?  Learn from what you do wear and what you don’t.  Which items are really worn out? Usually those are the ones that you wear the most; perhaps its time to replace them, or get the same style in more than one color.  Take notes! 

Now take the keepers and lay them all out – do you have panties that match each bra you wear?  If not, here is an easy and not too expensive way to create an “I feel pretty” moment.   Even the most basic cotton bra and bikini look pretty darned sexy paired together in racy black or demure white.  What else do you see?  Too much beige?  Not enough? 

To keep it simple, select a color palate for your underwear that works with your wardrobe.  If you wear a lot of white or light colors make sure you have plenty of nude lingerie; if you wear a lot of black you can go all black or pick some more daring colors.  Sometimes you don’t have to wear beige or nude to blend in under lighter colors.  For the fair skinned, there are some pale, soft pink hues and for the darker some dusky rose hues that I find work just as well as beige and are much prettier too. 

While you are planning, I suggest using the rule of three – three panties to each bra, and if you tend to wear a top (hence bra) with certain bottoms (and therefore panties) plan accordingly and make sure you have useful combinations.  Anything missing?  Start a list!  Then when you hit the lingerie sales or have a temptation moment you will be ready and know what you need, what really works for you and what may not.    

Whatever you select – sleek or lacy, basic or colorful – put together a plan that works under your wardrobe and injects a bit of gorgeous at the same time.  Make sure you give yourself some variety and some “I feel beautiful” pieces.  Not all functional bras need to be beige.  And even suck-it-in panties now come with lace trim. 

The next time you are out buying your unmentionables treat them as part of your wardrobe rather than a separate entity.  Nice under-things help you start every day feeling just a tiny bit more together.  I personally LOVE the feeling of wearing a very lacy bra and pant set under a severe, no-nonsense business suit – even if no one else knows or sees them I know.  It feels powerful and fun, like a really juicy secret.

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