Fashion is my first love.  Long before I discovered boys, figured out I was good at math, or mastered computers I made clothes for my dolls, obsessed over my own outfits, and developed an alarmingly early passion for designer handbags.  My first job was at Nordstrom  – it was heaven!

I managed to finance a part of my education via fashion retail – discovering a talent for dressing people and selling clothes, and I found that my natural organizing skills lent themselves rather well to management.   However, being a pragmatist, when it came time to grow up and pursue a career I followed practicality over passion.   And so here I am many years later, the director of an engineering group for a high tech company.  Just about as far from fashion as one could imagine.

Through it all I have remained fashion obsessed.  I have honed my sewing skills well beyond dressing dolls, to dressing myself and others.  My body has, uh…shall we say “evolved” so that I am fabulously plus-sized.  I have embraced the challenges of marrying my larger than life size with my champagne tastes.  Thanks to the web, an admittedly generous clothing budget (a big upside to the tech gig), my sewing machine and sheer dedication I manage to be fairly stylish.  Snazzy even.  No mean feat, that.

I devour every Vogue, Elle and Harper’s that hits the stands.  My passion has driven me to – ack! – Reality TV – and I guiltily watch every incarnation of Project Runway and any other fashion-related show that does not completely offend my sensibilities.

But it’s not enough – my fashion cravings are ceaseless.  And not just for myself.  No, I dress my friends, my Sweetheart, I have even helped strangers!   After doing this for free for so many years, I decided to start a style consulting business and Something To Wear was born.  I love being able to help someone find their perfect look.  And if we can’t find just the right thing on the racks, I will do my darnedest to create it!

After some none too gentle encouragement from some close friends, I started this blog as another outlet for my fashion energies.  Due to the demands of everyday life and my primary career I am not always able to get here, but as I am inspired and have the time I  will try to share my Fashion Observations, Notions and Inspirations.

Michelle W.

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