Timeless Spring Trend – Wide Leg Pants

Wide Legs and Stars

My favorite trend this season is wide leg pants.  Admittedly, I am a wide leg pant girl EVERY season.  So much so that I have suffered through the past few seasons of skinny pants, skinny jeans, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more fitted – jeggings!Don’t get me wrong, I love these looks…mostly on other people. 

While short, I have very long legs that are actually fairly toned, and rather small feet.  Sitting atop those legs is a very, and I mean very very round tummy, curvy hips and one seriously broad booty – essentially my lower torso is a big ball.  Above that a very short waist and then a sizeable bust creating another ball.  Being generous and kind we could describe my figure as being a traditional hourglass or a figure eight.  When you put that figure eight torso atop skinny pants you produce what I refer to as the Ice Cream Cone silhouette.  Flattering? Not so much. 

Like one of my favorite style icons, Katharine Hepburn, I am a pants girl all the way.  Sure I have a skirt or two and a handful of dresses, but pants are my personal preference.  I simply adore the thirties film star vibe – think my icon Kate and Marlene Dietrich – slightly tomboyish yet still feminine, sexy, and chic.  Unlike a narrower or more conservative straight leg cut, a wide leg pant has a definite point of view – they make a fashion statement.  These are pants you want to take long leggy strides in, wear a killer heel in, pose in.  Across the spectrum – from tailored trousers, to the wider flared legs all the way to palazzos – I simply LOVE THEM!!!   

Admittedly, the wide leg line is not for every one and I know several style mavens who would shudder to image someone with my diminutive height and curvy shape going for the wide legs.  But to quote Miss Hepburn “if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”.   I wear the wider legs because I love how I FEEL in them.  They make me feel taller, skinnier, and as if my legs are even longer.     

What do you wear them with?  Well, there are a lot of great options.  In all cases I like to keep the tops cut in closer to the body or emphasizing my waist to balance the fullness.  I like jackets, especially shorter ones that just graze the hip and nip in at the waist.  Note that if you go too long on jackets they can start to look bulky and boxy.  This also applies with sweaters and cardigans – keep them on the trimmed down side or otherwise emphasize your waist.  However, in the mood to break rules, I am eyeing one of my long softer drapey cardigans with a tank and platform sandals to get a 70’s thing going.  Tailored shirts and tees are a natural, and tunics can be fab, again I prefer to belt these.  

For shoes I like a bit of a heel or a platform to extend the leg line further.  You can also get the retro mannish look going with a pair of oxfords – low or high heeled.  If you go with a masculine shoe or boot try a more feminine top to balance it out.  I love the play of feminine sexy/masculine chic ala La Dietrich.  (someday I am gonna have me my own tuxedo…someday!)

If you are short, or have short legs the silhouette is admittedly a bit tricky, so I suggest going with a more tailored, slightly pared down pant.  Another cool trick if you have shorter legs is to pair your wide leg pants with a higher heel and a longer shirt, tunic or sweater, belted above your natural waist line.  That way you are visually lengthening your legs and balancing your torso.  If you are on the round side you really need to try them, going for a pair that take a straight line down from your hip – I think you will be amazed at how flattering they can be.  Be brave and give them a try.

Despite the big trend this season, wide leg pants are timeless in their own way.  They can be retro from the thirties or forties, retro from the seventies or super modern.  Any look I am going for you can bet I will be making the most of this season and pants are definitely gonna be on my want list.  

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