Love In The Rain

Love in the Rain

Not everyone loves the rain, but I do.  I think its romantic and perfect weather for Valentine’s Day.  It makes cozying up inside a must and if you add a little rumble of thunder, even better.

But I must admit I have never loved going out in the rain, especially if I am dressed up.  Getting properly covered up for stormy weather can mean donning a raincoat and boots, which can be an unfashionable sort of afterthought to a gorgeous outfit.  And if you don’t cover up, you run the risk of ruining something special – like a gorgeous pair of shoes, which is simply unthinkable. 

What is a girl to do?  That serviceable beige trench isn’t quite the right look, even if it IS Burberry and the height of day time chic.  And if you are here in California it’s a bit too warm for your long winter dress coat.  You need something medium to light weight, dressy feeling but not too fussy and ideally something you can wear more than just on special occasions.  And actually rain proof.  Don’t forget rain proof!

This season there are some terrific options in the rain coat department – tons of bold and brightly colored trench coats and/or rain coats with fun details or fabrics that add just enough special to take them into evening.  My favorite was this gorgeous satin trench in raspberry by Burberry (of course).  Yum!  I also really loved Kate Spade’s ivory number with spiffy black trim, so chic!   I can easily see either of these options over a little black dress without being too casual, and then being something you can wear for daytime as well. 

Not every bright color will do, though.  Some are just too sporty or casual – yellow for example.  Ideally you want something that feels a bit more formal and that coordinates with your going-out clothes.  For me that means my adorable lumo trench stays in the closet and I grab my satin trench in a deep raspberry color with a full, sweeping skirt-like bottom instead.   It is such a fun color that looks especially great with black or silver, and the satin makes it feels dressy.  Speaking of silver, one of my all-time favorite trenches is a silver satin one– mine has gotten so much wear it has gotten awfully ratty, but there are new versions out there, like this embellished one, and they are fab.

On your feet – well I think rain boots can be pretty cute, or at least chic as long as you bring a tote with your *real* shoes along.  I snagged these adorable options – sort of dressed up wellies, which would all look great.  If you just can’t bring yourself to do the whole rain boot thing, at least consider donning some weather-proof shoes.  They don’t have to be ugly or heavy – Aquatalia by Marvin K has some great basic pumps in a block or kitten heel which come in great colors and fabrications.  I also found these really fun read suede numbers, also weatherproof, which seemed too perfect for V-Day.  It may not be the height of fabulous to wear a more basic pump, but it will beat wearing spattered, rain-soaked evening shoes or having wet feet from wearing sandals in the rain. 

Last but not least, as I said in my article about raingear for the boys – make sure you or your beau bring along a nice big umbrella!  Now, you are ready to go out and snuggle up close – to stay dry of course 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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