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February 2, 2012

Finely Feathered

Finely Feathered

It’s end of season sales time and for me they have, for the most part, been pretty disappointing.  In our “new economy” retailers and designers have really cut back on their orders and the resulting reduced inventory leaves the bargain hunting pickings awfully slim.  If you want the really good stuff you just don’t dare wait!  

I have taken this to heart and now play what I refer to as “retail chicken” with items that I am on the fence about.  You know, those numbers you really like but can’t quite justify at full price?  I stalk those pieces, waiting for that first markdown and let my shopping karma do the rest.  So if that amazing pair of boots were meant to be mine they will still be in stock in my size when they go on sale.

I scored in the retail chicken game recently with not one but TWO great Anna Scholz tunics.  And oddly enough both had a peacock/feather theme.  I have always loved the impractical, foppish peacock but never have owned a single item with that motif.  Until now.

First up, I got a gorgeous A-line tunic in a cobalt blue peacock pattern, with interesting asymmetric seaming detail at the hem.  This is my second foray into cobalt, a color I haven’t really worn much of, but I got so many compliments the first time I tried it again.  And it was a huge hit.   I started the basic outfit just like Anna did with black leggings and black boots – mine a pair of curvy heeled Chie Miharas’. But I found that even with the print and seaming, as well as some judicious tailoring to fit my super short bod, it seemed like a pretty vast expanse of uninterrupted blue.  A few attempts with streamlined/mod accessories looked a bit flat, so I went big and more girly – adding some multi-media necklaces in steely silver and a girly bag like this one with a chain strap and bold bow at the shoulder.  Just what it needed.   Love!

The second top was one I have stalked from the first showing on the Saks website, where it lasted only a few weeks.  It had gotten mixed reviews regarding fit so I held off, waited…and waited…and then lucked out.  Soooo worth the wait!  I love the mix of browns and the hint of teal as well as the overall art deco motif and knew exactly how I would wear it.  Like most garments, I had to have its shortened and in this case I went with a slightly shorter proportion than the way it is shown in the pics – the results are awesome.  I can wear it with my adored wide-legged trouser jeans or a skinny jean – either in deepest denim blue.  (Side note: I am still getting used to the skinny pant/tunic top look on me – I no longer feel like I am shaped like an ice cream cone but not I am not fully convinced it’s my best look either) 

Accessorizing the brown feather top is a breeze.  I took advantage of our unseasonably warm weather and got out my new Butter platform sandals in nude, paired up with my color-blocked Isabella Fiore bag which has a mix of those caramel colors in both shoe and top.  Yes I know, ANOTHER bow, what can I say? I am feeling girly.   The center detailing and bell sleeve (which is more pronounced than the picture shows) mean that not much jewelry is needed – maybe a bold earring and a cool cuff, or a turquoise necklace if its not too busy, but not much else.  And if I want a pop of color I can swap out the neutral sandals for teal….thus justifying a glance at those teal suede numbers I have been thinking about.

In these outfits all of my favorite go-to designers really came together – just gotta love those trusty faves!  Speaking of which – the first of Anna Scholz’s spring line hit this past week for those plus-sized divas out there and all I can say is YUM!!!  Clearly I won’t be waiting on the sales for some of those goodies…

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