Fantasy Fashion Week – Part 1


For many folks September heralds the start of totting up points/yards/tackles of their favorite NFL players and watching how their fantasy team is doing.  For Fashionistas September means the September Issues, New York Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out – the shopping event now celebrated not only in NYC, but in cities, malls and websites throughout the US. 

Since going to New Yorkfor Fashion Week clearly wasn’t in the cards I decided to invite my fiance’s daughter Megan to join me for a game of “Fantasy Fashion Week”.  How to play the game?  Review the Fall 2011 collections and select eight day looks for the front rows, three cocktail outfits, and one gala look.  While there are no points, weighting or winners, there are also no budgets or rules, just some fantasizing and fashion fun. 

On our soggy Labor Day afternoon we sat ourselves down with the mammoth stack of September issues and the Fashion Week show schedule for further inspiration.    I will be sharing what we came up with for our Fashion week in the next several articles, but first up – Fashion Night Out!  

I had planned on heading to SouthCoastPlaza for Fashion Night Out – invitations to the Chanel, Valentino and Burberry boutiques in hand, but had a little change of plans.  Undeterred I went to plan B – Fashion Night IN.  Thanks to those clever folks at Neiman’s, Saks and other great retailers there were special offerings, deals and cool merchandise galore.  I was primed to do some cyber shopping and then….yet another change in plans in the form of a blackout.  Yep, I live in deepest southern Orange County and so joined the millions in San Diego for what ended up being nine hours without power.  Needless to say, no online shopping occurred.   Grrr….

So I am left with our Fantasy Fashion Night Out – where we had planned on starting out at Saks Fifth Avenue up in midtown (close to our favorite boutique hotel) and then we would be taken down to SoHo to hit all the great boutiques there.  From Houston St to Canal St this is fashion HEAVEN with big designer names next to super cool boutiques.  Once we exhausted ourselves along the streets we could hit one of her dad’s all time favorite bistros – L’Orange Bleu – casual and easy with great food and a terrific local atmosphere. 

What to wear?  Well casual yet stylish is a must and we need to represent the industry so I put together outfits for Megan and myself by snagging a few items we picked out in our Labor Day extravaganza, taking two of the FNO tee shirts and going to town. 

For Megan, I wanted to stick with a silhouette she likes but nudge the fashion quotient up with bold color and accessories.  Hey, you are only 18-ish once, and it is *the* time to really have some serious fashion adventures.  So I paired the bold FNO graphic tee with a pair of jeggings (a look she wears frequently) and then added this super cute cropped, laser cut suede jacket in yellow (a favorite color).  The bag is a red version of a red and black number she picked.  The boots, okay, these are all my doing – they are just so sleek and powerful I couldn’t resist.  And last but not least, some cool gold hoop earrings embellished with small black feathers, just for fun. 

For myself, well at my age it is hard to look fashionable in a message tee without it coming across as if I am trying to look like I am 18.  I was going for chic and fun so I instead chose the long-sleeved tee in red with the all-over FNO text in black – it looks like a cool tribal print.  With it, go-to wide-legged black jeans and a lush shearling vest with a broad collar and wide belt.  I like this silhouette – the belting gives the slightly fluffy vest nice waist definition further enhanced by the broad collar.  I paired this with Vena Cava’s suede platform bootie and Alexander Wang’s cross-body box bag.  I would keep the jewelry simple, but I have fallen in love with this black and white print scarf from Diane Von Furstenberg so I will be mixing some print (I think it’s the pom-poms, I have this really strange affinity for pom-poms…)

And there you have it folks, the Fashion Night Out that never was!  Stay tuned as next time I do a run-down of what else Megan and I put together.

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