Happy Anniversary…Sale!

My Anniversary Picks

In my fashion calendar, July is, for the most part, pretty quiet.  Its sits squarely in the middle of no-man’s land between spring and fall, and it doesn’t have Christmas to break up the monotony like December has.  Add to that, it’s hot, really hot.  Heading to an air conditioned mall has some appeal, but when you get there?  Eh.  The spring and summer fashions have been out awhile and are losing their newness and glow, in fact the good stuff is gone and the sale racks are jammed with the detritus – tiny sizes, weird colors and pieces that don’t match.  Back to school is revving up so we are seeing the denim and early fall preview stuff rolling out – tough to get excited about in triple digit weather, but it’s there.   However, there *is* one not-to-be-missed fashion event in July – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

What is so special about this sale?  Nordstrom puts a selection of Fall merchandise ON SALE!  New, not yet in the stores goodies that will be on sale for a few weeks and then will go back to their regular retail price.  I have loved this event since I was a teenager and worked there.  Back then I would use my house discount and earnings to snag the coolest penny loafers, Ralph Lauren polos, merino wool Fair Isles weaters and tiered corduroy skirts before any of my friends and long before school started.  Now I look forward to the catalog in the mail, schedule my preview appointments (to avoid the mob scene of the first open shopping day – in this sale you dare not wait or the good stuff is long gone) and keep my fingers crossed for terrific finds. 

Some years have been great, some….not so much.  The financial crisis clearly took the shine and excitement off the past few years’ events.  But this year it seems to be perking up a bit – a little more of that gloss that is peculiar to Nordstrom can be seen.  Always the definitive go-to for good quality basics, this year their tried and true basics and house brands have a few more posh name brand goodies next to them which definitely upped the OOOooohhhh factor this year.  

This year Nordys went big with Burberry; which makes this little Anglophile’s heart skip a beat.  The tweed and leather trimmed jacket above is to-die-for, comes in the tweedy grey or a stunning all black and is a really really good deal.  Additional Burberry goodies sprinkled through the sale include their traditional tan plaid in a wrap, tote and even a cute pair of rain boots.  They even have some terrific Burberry for the boys – suiting that is really stellar, and silk ties in several tonal versions of the Burryberry plaid – LOVE them.  (Mr. Commando is absolutely getting one of these little babies…)  The only disappointment on the Burberry front was that while nearly every other big name beauty brand did some sort of special for the Anniversary Sale, Burberry Beauty – my favorite – did not.  Sigh.     

There really are some amazing deals, this Piazza Sempione dress would be ridiculously expensive simplicity at it’s regular price but is a must have on sale.  And if you are looking for that single perfect designer black dress this may be your lucky day – there were several Lida Baday dresses that are usually in the $1000 range.  Other great deals can be found on the higher end of the I-must-have spectrum from Theory, Nanette Lepore,St. John, andLafayette148, as well as all the usual suspects in designer jeans land.  Other things that are well worth grabbing include great workout gear by The North Face, Nike- both Regular AND Plus (bless them), Zella and Puma. 

The accessories and bags weren’t nearly as exciting.  Beyond the plaid, there are some great tote/satchel bags and some very cool Rebecca Minkoff electronics accessories – clever and fun ways to protect your iPad or Kindle.  There are some good buys to be found in the jewelry section, again basics rule the day.  Shoes and boots, Nordstrom’s first claim to fame, were just okay.  The scene stealers – these leopard bedecked platform pumps from Calvin Klein, which are also available in several patent shades and a very sparkly gunmetal metallic. 

For the men in your life the suiting by Burberry, John Varvatos and the pricey Hickey Freeman are the best looking and the best deals.  Tons of great basics – this is dress shirt heaven – are also really well priced.  And there are some great looking and well priced finds from The North Face and Under Armour. 

The overall palette showed more black, and grey was pretty big – with a clearer, sharper grey than last year’s muddied palette.  This was a boon as the plus department had some great stuff this year and I scored the terrific cape coat above as well as a really chic black jacket in suede with leather insets.  Both are going to get some serious wear this fall and winter.  All in all a very satisfying start to the Fall fashion season.  So don’t miss it, you have until August 1, when all the goodies are either gone, or go back to full price.

PS – My biggest find of all was in their home section where you can get 25% off the Westin Heavenly bed – an amazing mattress featured at all Westin and W Hotels – we are indulging in one and I cannot wait to get it delivered.    

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