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July 7, 2011

The Power of Pink

Peony Pink

You may have noticed in my posts that I am a big fan of the color pink.  Through my fashion adventures I have discovered something interesting about this color though – it’s not like other colors, neutrals, blues, greens, etc…  No, pink is different, it has supporters and detractors, it evokes opinions – where people tend to be indifferent to most colors, when it comes to pink they have definite views.  It’s a color that says something, and it has been given specific connotations. 

And the pink lexicon is endless, there are so many shades to consider, and each says a slightly different thing.  A soft powdery pink is sweet and dainty, sometimes shy, while a bold or neon pink shouts out “look at me!!!”   Bright Barbie Doll and Hello Kitty pinks are fun and youthful, while a shade of rose can be mature, even a trifle dowdy.  You can be chic in shocking pink, or preppy in a primary pink.   And not all pinks are just for the girls – I think guys look very sharp in a pale pink dress shirt with a navy jacket, and some of the bolder corals are great on guys without looking too feminine.  And it doesn’t have to be all-over color, a snazzy print or stripe with a touch of pink tells me a man is dressing with confidence and a bit of wit.  It takes a real man to wear pink with style and preserve his masculinity.   

I am a firm believer in the power of pink.   I personally believe this color has special powers.  First of all, women if you want to feel instantly feminine, it *is* the definitive shade.  Doubt it?  Just put on a bra and panty set in a pretty pink and let me know how it goes (wink).  Beyond that, most pinks are flattering on nearly everyone.  Worn near the face, it casts a healthy glow, even on your palest day.   I use this trick all the time – in fact, my staff and loved ones know, if I am wearing pink I may not be feeling all that fabulous. 

I have also used the pink trick at home – my bathroom is painted a light, warm pink off-setting bright white woodwork, tile and fixtures. My painter thought I was crazy – was I sure?  Did I want this to be a super girly room?  No, not really.  He was baffled until it was done and I turned him to face the mirror with me – he got it immediately.  “Oooohhhhh!!!! I have to recommend this to all my lady clients!” he said.  The room cast a lovely warm light on us.  We looked just a bit less tired, younger somehow.  And that is how I want to see myself first thing in the morning.  No harsh green or bluish light emphasizing my dark circles and tired pallor.  No way!

While I am pretty open minded about all shades, I am a particular fan of a very specific, more sophisticated shade of pink.  It comes by many names, but it is that deep, warm, slightly coral or watermelon pink that is at the center of pink peonies.  That pink! Many designers have featured it this season.  I love this color.  It’s flattering on everyone.  Versatile and cheerful, it’s powerful rather than dainty; it shows confidence and a tiny bit of sex appeal.  A woman wearing this color is confident in her femininity, she revels in it.  But she isn’t being too cute or too demure.  Even some dyed-in-the-wool pink haters (you know who you are) find themselves liking this color, and really liking this color when they put it on! 

For myself, this season I have gotten my favorite pink on with several pieces.  First up – Anna Scholz’s adorable cropped cardigan; LOVE it! I get compliments on this piece every time I wear it.  I also scored one of Nordstrom’s Sejour brand scoop neck tees which is getting heavy rotation as the summer months progress.  And I found a cute lightweight knit scarf in the exact same shade and white stripes – I pair the tee with the scarf, white jeans and a dark denim blazer and look fresh, sharp and pretty all at once. 

Not everyone is ready for a shocking pink dress or shirt.  But there are ways to go gently into it – start by finding a shade you like and is flattering – and if you aren’t ready for a big splash of color, opt for just a touch in a print, or pick a tie or scarf instead of going with a larger outfit element.  Other great options – layering pink under under another top, sweater or jacket in a neutral color.  I love pairing pink up with with brown, tan, navy or dark grey.  And women if you are feeling quite bold and on-trend for this season grab yourself a pink shoe, belt or bag, there are some great choices this season.   So whether you are a girly-girly, a super woman, a girly-man, or just one very confident guy, go get your pink on!

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