Bahghage...what I am loving right now
I have to confess to a slight, well, um, actually, quite a serious infatuation with handbags.  I simply LOVE them. Why? Oh, soooo many good reasons…. a great handbag makes even the most mundane outfit look chic, carrying a special bag will make you smile every time you look at it, handbags never make your behind look big and they never make your feet hurt.

My bags have become part of my signature look, along with my silver jewelry and fancy sunglasses. I even have the Tiffany silver purse charm on my charm bracelet. I don’t feel like I am “me” without a great bag. If I am having an “I don’t know what to wear” morning I just start with which purse I want to carry and take it from there! So you see I have, if you will, *baggage*.

This is not a fickle, on again off again sort of affection. No, this is a lasting relationship. From my first real purse – a tooled leather half moon purchased in a shop in Ensenada when I was nine years old – I have loved carrying a special bag.  In my early teens I obsessed until I had saved enough babysitting money to buy my first LeSport Sac. I still have my first Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag and still occasionally carry the matching briefcase, given to me when I graduated from college. (You can stop doing the math on that one…it was more than twenty years ago, let’s leave it at that.)

Unlike designer garments that really only last a few seasons at best and shoes that you may be able to keep going a little longer, carefully selected and well cared for handbags will last forever.  I met a woman once who still carries her Chanel 2.55 bag – purchased back in the fifties when that design was introduced! 

I have had a few great purse moments.  A little windfall blessed me in Las Vegas – too small for something crazy grand, too fortuitous not to splurge – I knew immediately what I needed to do and took myself to the Chanel boutique.  A gorgeous, always in style, perfect 2.55 bag was mine.  Ten years later, that bag is still perfection, and still one of my favorites.  My “I made it” promotion several years ago meant it was time for my “I made it” Louis Vuitton.  Another milestone was marked with Valentino’s classic rose bag in an impossibly soft leather.  And when Tiffany and Company partnered with Lambertson-Truex last year to introduce a line of handbags I nearly swooned.  My favorite jewelers doing handbags?! Nirvana! Soon after the announcements I became the proud owner of one of their first products – in silver and Tiffany blue, of course – Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, through the years my tastes and budget have certainly evolved and the collection has grown.  However I do curate my collection with great care.  It isn’t always about the big designer names or the current trends.  For example, I bypassed the gigantic, hardware-covered bag trend completely – I had no desire to look like a heavily decorated pack mule.  Instead, my collection is about love, so each bag is selected for something I love about it – its shape, color, style, scale or feel.  Every bag needs to have some particular bit of whimsy that charms me.  Each bag needs to speak to me. 

Some seasons I hear nary a whisper and no new babies find their way into the closet. Others, like this one, are a veritable cacophony of “take me” calls!  This season some amazingly fun, brightly colored bags have been calling my name.  While the colors are right on trend, these lovelies will also be terrific for years to come. Here are the ones that are tempting me….oh so very much.

First up – two from my beloved Tiffany. This evening bag is simply adorable and after a year I still think it is the niftiest little bag for evening.  I will definitely own one of these sometime, I just haven’t decided on the perfect color for me.  The second Tiffany candidate is this darling wicker basket – I have been Jonesing for a light wicker basket bag for several years – this one is in tough competition with a Kate Spade wicker bag (she does a great wicker basket bag nearly every season and I have resisted but…). Kate Spade also produced another siren this season – this sensational yellow shoulder bag, a bright lemon that is “in” now but will still be great in three years or even ten. The snazzy Burberry clutch number is in my favorite shade of purple, and it comes in a really rocking lime, too. Last but not least, every season I look at the Cannage bags by Dior – this season’s temptress is in raspberry. Ooooohhhh.

They are all so beautiful; so perfect, each in its own way. I have been having such a tough time deciding on which one I want that some of them have started to go on sale. Which means I need to decide which of these coveted darlings gets to come home with me pretty soon or I will miss out! Or….since they *are* on sale…. maybe I can get more than one.  Hmmmm….exxxxccccelllent!

PS – Check out Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Neiman-Marcus – all are having terrific handbag sales right now on some really GOOD stuff like Valentino, Miu-Miu and Burberry. There are some fabulous finds!

One Comment to “Bah-gahge!”

  1. Hi Michele;
    Congrats on the Engagement! I remember oh so well purse envy in high school and chased that elusive goose for sooo long. When Dooney did their signature bag however I was very turned off at first. Seemed pretty poser. Then I remembered one important thing it wasn’t their signature bag it was mine. I am Mrs. Dimitre Bobev; DB.

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