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May 3, 2011

Reinvention Inspiration

Reinvention Inspiration

 As a true fashion addict I pour over the glossies, the blogs, and the stores looking at what is new from my favorite designers and what new designers are doing.  The best of what I see I clip and put on my Inspiration Boards for myself or someone else.  Clearly I am not trotting off to Valentino every week, but here is where I look for inspiration and ideas to translate into my every day clothes. 

Some designers and pieces come and go on my board, others are eternal.  I admire the art and artistry that can be seen in the latest riffs from my favorite designers – that blend of signature look and new ideas.  And I love the excitement of discovering a new designer.  Even better is when, every blue moon or two, an old faithful or a faded star gets a new kick.  A new, sometimes rebellious eye comes along and takes the existing look of a famous house and gives it a breath of fresh air.  The best of these keep what has made that name great, but give it new relevance and timeliness.  Think Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga or Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

The latest reinvention is what is coming from designer Raf Simmons at Jil Sander.  And it is truly amazing.  So much so that I, and clearly many fashion editors, have been inspired by the Spring 2011 line. 

Jil Sander is a design house made famous in the eighties for sleek, minimalist, impeccably simple yet sumptuous clothes.  When I hear the name I envision suits in strikingly simple silhouettes that play with volume and proportion, perfect cashmere sweaters, architectural shoes and bags all in a neutral palette of black, navy, grey and taupe.  But now, under Simmons deft hands come the familiar clean-lined silhouettes but in the most glorious and vibrant color. 

The feel is still Jil Sander and is clear in the play of volume and sleekness with pairings of simple tees with full soft-tailored pants and long skirts, layered jackets, swing-backed and a-line dresses and tops.  But those familiar lines become new when done with a fresh eye in emerald, cobalt, tangerine and the most delicious pink.  I adore this pink – kind of watermelon, kind of coral, and totally gorgeous.  Added to the mix are a few pops of bold and fun florals and a glossy looking awning stripe in silk.   And the best part, there is much of this reinvention that will translate really well to every-day-people fashion

The accessories are still very true to the original design esthetic with just a hint of a twist.  Bags and shoes getting pops of color, or done in the awning stripe or floral prints.  My top choices: a pair of traditional oxfords shoes in cream with wild pink soles, pointy ballet flats in the floral print, and a slouchy bag in a cobalt and blue stripe.  Too fun! 

The one wild card piece that I sort of wondered at, at first, but then started to love is the funky peplum thingy.  I like the look and line of a peplum and I thought this number was intriguing when paired with a matching long skirt in pink; but then I saw it in the cobalt paired with a black and white tailored outfit – Awesome!  Weird? Possibly, but it still looks amazing. 

Now while I am not off to find a puffy peplum to top my white pants, I am definitely on the hunt for some fun colors, and maybe a cool maxi skirt.  And I am definitely taking a cue from Raf Simmons – eyeing my wardrobe to see how I can take my quintessential “me” pieces and make them new.   Hmmm….black tee shirt, white linen palazzos and a cobalt blue silk sash belt…hmmm…maybe…just maybe…      

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