Getting Catty


One of the things I love about fashion is that every few seasons our old favorites become new again – sometimes the same, sometimes with a fresh perspective.  This season we are definitely seeing a bunch of old favorites.  One favorite that never really goes out of style, but definitely is having a moment is the Cat Eye shape for sunglasses.  After many seasons of big oversized round glasses stealing the scene, we are transitioning from looking buggy to looking catty.   

I have always loved Cat Eye sunglasses.  My very first pair of “designer” sunglasses were Vuarnet Skilynx shades back in the eighties – I was simply too cool at nineteen with my big hair and my Vuarnets.  So began my love affair with the Cat.

As I have evolved and refined my love for incorporating retro fashion into my every day I have stayed true to this silhouette – adding to my collection every few years as a really great pair presents itself.  Back in the late nineties when I bought my first true roadster I had to get a pair to go with it, of course.  I nabbed a great pair of oversized black ones embellished with crystals when bling got big.  And this past fall Juicy put out a pair that mixed the retro professor look with the cat eye in an awesome oversized shape and tortoise/spot color that I couldn’t resist. 

This season nearly every big designer has at least one pair out.  Some of my favorities: D&G’s Vaurnet-esque version in a marbled grey or a brown stripe, Valentino’s crystal trimmed beauties, and several really great ones by Tom Ford (ahhh, the man knows his shades…)  But, being a girl who loves her classics, I am craving a pair by Chanel – traditional in black with the trademark camellias adorning the temples.   

There are so many great choices nearly everyone is going to find a shape, size and color combination that will flatter and look fabulous.  Pick a decade: thirties, fifties, sixties, eighties and have a blast!

Donning a pair of Cat Eyes makes me feel instantly sexy and flirty.  The look is feminine yet powerful.  There is something about these babies that makes you feel the need to ever-so-slowly slide them down your nose and peer over them, looking up through your eyelashes at some helpless man – Meeee-Yowwww….

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