Shoe Love

Shoe Lust

You see them in a window…on someone else’s feet…on a website… and you are briefly arrested by them.  It could be the curve of their heel, the set of the platform, the gleam of buttery soft leather or the endles depths of rich suede… whatever it is it’s something that draws you to them.   They are decadent, impractical, expensive.  And it is love at first sight.

You pursue, seeking them out to look at them at your own leisure.  If you are a practical soul (or in this case sole) you will resist the urge.  But they call to you, these sirens with three inch heels and the simply perfect embellishment.  And you return to them – you visit and then pine for them.  You distract yourself and look at other shoes that are similar, less expensive.  But the others aren’t as good, there is no thrill.    

And then a crack in your armour forms – a sympathetic but hopeful salesperson offering to get your size or a website luring you with free shipping and free returns.  You justify – perhaps they will feel uncomfortable, maybe they will look wrong on you, you will just try them, the fantasy bubble will burst and then back they go.

You slip them on and they feel sublime.  You prance a bit and pose to show your feet to their best advantage.  You preen.  They look fabulous and you feel amazing.  Away goes the practicality and budget.  You surrender.  They are divine.  It is true Shoe Love.  

I have experienced true shoe love only a few times, but when I have it has been profound.  I am currently in the throes of an affair with my new Chie Mihara Clotilde Platform Pumps – deepest lushest black suede with suede rosettes piled atop an every-so-slightly upturned toe.  The platform offsets the sculpted high heel making the effective heel height a manageable 2 1/2 inches.  I get the height I crave with the stability my poor knee needs.  And the overall look – vintage, distinctive, sexy perfection!

I will devise many an outfit around these shoes in the next several years.  They will see countless events and be worn many times.  They will sit in their special cloth bag, in their own slot on the shoe shelf – in the “special” section with the other loves.  These pumps will remain – Queen Bees of the closet while other, lesser, shoes come and eventually go. But not these shoes, no charity box for them, no indeed.  They will be lovingly presented to the cobbler for new heel caps, to have their soles redone, any procedure to extend their life.     

That is the best part about this kind of shoe love, it rarely completely fades.  I will love these shoes for many years to come, I will get many a complement, and they will make me feel wonderful every time I wear them.  Which will make them worth every penny.   Ahhhh…ain’t love grand? 

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