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February 4, 2011



It’s February and for many of us its darned chilly – sartorially we are thinking only of staying cozy.  Unless planning an upcoming cruise or tropical getaway, the idea of Spring fashions right now leave us, well, cold.  Who wants to start picking out new sandals when we have just gone upstairs for a pair of warm socks?  Even as crazy as I am for the newest, latest fashion news, it’s pretty hard to get excited about linen pants and sundresses just yet.  The approach of Valentine’s Day has the lingerie, jewelry and chocolates adverts ramped up.  Which got me to thinking… while we wait for the Spring Fashion editions to hit the stands and for the gray of February to give way to the…er…less gray of March…lets talk about what we wear underneath our clothes and away from the rest of the world.  Lingerie and sleepwear – two of my favorite feel-good things!

Now, before anyone gets too excited, I am not going to be discussing those really naughty little items we or our significant others have purchased that have been surreptitiously donned, coyly paraded and then shucked seconds after they have been seen…we all know the ones…those racy numbers that have spent more time on the floor than on us.   Sorry boys, but before you feel left out, keep your eyes open over the next several weeks ‘cause I am going to write about your stuff, too.

So this month I will take a peek at the stuff we wear at home, to bed, and underneath our every day clothes.  Do you feel sexy or at least pretty in your pajamas?  Does your everyday lingerie make you smile?  What do you put on when you get home at night and get out of your “school clothes”?  

I know I can admit that my answers to these questions aren’t always inspiring, and in some cases are kind of sad.  But, recognizing this dreary situation, I have made an attempt to put a little romance or at least a little care into the everyday.  I think of my undies, pajamas and loungewear as an opportunity to feel pretty and even a little bit sexy every day.

A great starting point for reinventing your “private” wardrobe is with a robe or caftan.  This item is the one you grab that can be thrown on over nothing or anything – it should make you feel good both in terms of its comfort but also aesthetically.   Whether you want to feel glamorous in pink satin or crisp and clean in a classic white terry spa robe – this item should reflect how you WANT to feel.  It should cover you, completely, be easy to take on and off and be relatively sturdy and easy care.  Invest in one that makes you feel good – you will thank yourself for it.   Now is a great time to shop for robes – the Christmas stock is on clearance and the Valentines stock is in, too!    

I have several moods and temperatures so I have three robes – my all-purpose fluffy white spa robe, my cozy yet elegant long cashmere one which is a bit more appropriate for things like Christmas morning, and last but not least a very lightweight short knit robe for the warmer months, when I do still need to cover up – if only to let the dog out.  

So what is YOUR current go to robe?  What would you like it to be?  

February 1, 2011

Resolution Solution #5, Part 2 – Spend Wisely



Today I am going to take a little departure from my fashion focus here on Something To Wear and toddle for a moment into the realm of beauty.  I am so jazzed about this product that I simply *must*. 

What is it?  The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush.  An electronic skin brush that uses sonic pulses to vibrate the fibers of a face brush improving its effectiveness while being extremely gentle to your skin – no pulling and no scratching.  It is to your face (and body) what your sonic toothbrush is to your mouth – the ultimate tool for cleaning!   Yes, I know, I am hearing all of you – “how silly!” “ANOTHER electronic gadget?!”  “are you serious?”  But hear me out on this one.

Usually I glance at the beauty articles and must-have lists in my beloved fashion glossies, but tend to stick to my tried and true tools and brands.  I kept seeing this product on EVERY must-have list and it intrigued me, so I had to do a little investigating.  I started by looking up its website and getting the low down.  There are several different models and price points – with a range of features to match.  The basic unit is a travel version, retailing at $149, which has a single program setting, is slightly smaller in size and has a removable charging cord – this is the “Mia” and it comes in a few cute colors and white.  At the top of the line is the larger “Plus” with four different timer/programs to give you different cleansing routines, has a special body brush and body mode, and has a charging cradle.  All units have a curvy design, can be used in the shower, and have replaceable brush heads in types to match skin needs – sensitive to normal.

I love my sonic toothbrush so I got the concept right away, but was still pretty skeptical.  So next I checked in with my favorite cosmetics consultant and asked what the deal was with this thing.  And he raved about it…in fact I quickly had about six consultants raving about it – how gentle it is, how insanely clean their skin got, how much better their skin products worked, etc etc…   This group spanned age and gender lines and their votes were unanimous, this gadget is a must have. 

So I plunked down a whopping amount money ($225 for the “Plus” version) for an electronic device that does what my washcloth is suppose to do, only better.   I splurged and got the one that includes a body brush and I use the sensitive brush head on my face.  Gotta say it –  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!  Did I mention I love it?  Well, I do.  It really does get my face insanely clean – makeup, dirt, dead skin cells all gone without the tight, dry, irritated-feeling and redness I usually get.  And my face products definitely seem to be getting more effective.  I have been using it twice a day for the past six months and my face looks awesome.   

Using, and enjoying the results it produces feels wonderful, like getting a mini facial twice a day – which is where the spending wisely comes in.  I equated using the Clarisonic to getting a facial.  The purchase price for the Plus unit, with first round of facial heads and a body brush was the rough equivalent of getting three $65 facials (plus tips and parking).  The difference, I enjoy the results of facials for only a few weeks, whereas I use my nifty little gadget twice a day and enjoy facial-like results all the time.  AND I get to give my body mini facials too.  Added benefit – it makes me smile every time I use it.

Now THAT is spending wisely!     

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