Resolution Solution #4, Part 2 – Time For The Guys To Take It Up A Notch

Today one of my employee’s appeared at work in a shirt and tie.  Now our office is decidedly not tie territory, but I appreciated his natty addition, and I will choose to ignore the jokes about possible interviewing.  I also thought it was terrifically well timed as I had the following post ready in the wings.  So Dan, this one is for you!

Boys have it a little bit easier when it comes to day to day fashion.  With the exception of the truly metro-sexual guys I know, most men have developed their own tried and true uniform.  Whether it’s suit-and-tie, khakis-and-button-down, or jeans-and-tee-shirts, it’s pretty much his standard look, day in and day out.  It varies only slightly with the seasons, there is a step down for more casual, and a step up for “fancy” but otherwise the uniform is essentially the same.  Its primary purpose is utilitarian rather than sartorial.

The uniform is generally fine, but even the most basic guys get a little bored or need a bit of a refresh once in a while.  So now is the time to take a look at yourselves, boys, and see if you need a little boost up. 

You can step it up a notch completely, like Dan did, by adding a tie to your button down shirt, or be a bit more subtle, switching out the every day tee for a nice polo shirt.  If you got new clothes for Christmas, perhaps it is a hint that someone thought you needed something new.  If so, now is the time to start wearing the new stuff…unless of course it is a reindeer sweater or some other holiday inspired gift, at which point we will all look away for a moment so you can put the sweater in the Goodwill box.      

If you already had a golf shirt, sweater or button down like the one you just received, consider this a well-timed opportunity or even a gentle hint that the old one needs to be replaced.  Now is the time to do a quick check of the closets and drawers and let go of those older, worn out, faded, too big or too small pieces.  If you simply can’t part with that freebie golf shirt from some office event perhaps its time to relegate it to the weekend-only end of the closet.  And if you have nice new jeans still in their packaging, its time to get them out into rotation. 

There is absolutely no reason to wander through life threadbare.  Check for clothes that need repairs – buttons replaced, threads trimmed, hems re-sewn, patches added – and get them fixed!  Don’t forget your accessories – toss those belts that are starting to crack or split, replace ratty shoelaces and give your shoes a polish. 

And lastly, stay on your barbering schedule, please.  I don’t know how to break this to you guys, but the scruffy, unshaven shaggy-haired look is sexy for precisely one day after the big football weekend or when you get back from the guys-only trip.  After that, you just look tired and like you need a bath and a shave. 

We love you just the way you are.  But we really love it when you look nice too!

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