For the Boys: What should he wear to the party?

It’s the day of a party – my outfit is planned and ready to go, right down to the lingerie.  My Sweetheart?  Not so.  He is entirely apt to wait for the moment he emerges from the shower to ask what he should wear and this would be approximately twenty minutes before our scheduled departure.  The answer will invariably be something that is not yet ironed, at the cleaners, or is otherwise unprepared. 

This is what normal, average not-so-metro men do.  And bless them; they can usually get away with it.  But sometimes they do need to dress it up a bit, especially those guys who tend to the jeans and polo uniform and hate dressing up beyond that.  The hardest occasion for them?  That event we call dressy-casual – it’s too formal for them to wear their uniform look but does not require a suit. 

So, here are some ideas:

  • For cold weather: layer a cashmere sweater over a dress shirt, or wear a cashmere sweater with a polo collar, a pair of wool or wool blend slacks.  Go with a black and/or grey palette for a dressier evening look, and wear your good watch.
  • For warmer weather: a short sleeved silk shirt – (Tommy Bahama does some nice ones that aren’t totally Hawaiian shirts and feel casual yet dressed up), linen, tropical wool or other tropical blend slacks, loafers or nice deck shoes.
  • Everything in between:  A casual but nice jacket –  cashmere, tweed, corduroy, even leather or velvet paired with a long sleeved dress or dressy casual shirt – in a pattern perhaps (be bold!) and in a cut that will look well if you get warm and remove the jacket.  Pair with medium wool/blend slacks or even a chino in a darker color (keep these new and crisp, not rumpled or faded, please)
  • For shoes, you can play it safe with an oxford, or a loafer.  If you are feeling a bit more adventurous I think the refined yet rugged dress boots look really good.  Make sure which ever footwear you select, that they are polished and in good condition.

Boys – the most important advice, and you will hear it from me often, is to always get the best quality garments you can afford.  This is especially true when it comes to dress and dress/casual clothes.  Good quality will last and look better, longer.  If you buy high quality garments in classic cuts and colors that are tailored to fit you well you will always look sharp and be ready for that next event!

2 Comments to “For the Boys: What should he wear to the party?”

  1. That very last point is so important! My man likes to shop at Wal-mart and buy shirts on the fly. They last about three washings are just awful after that. He’s been told this time and time again but it doesn’t stop him from crossing the street at the office and plunking down a few dollars on that Hawaiian style shirt. Another important consideration for him is, how will it look once it’s been on the floor, in the dryer for a day, or never hung up? How well does it hold up to mowing grass, working in the shop, or painting the house? Doesn’t matter that it’s for dress up, it’s what is on his body. Some men are just simply untrainable!

  2. What boys REALLY need is a professional SHOPPER-COORDINATOR-DRESSER (dressor?) to MANAGE the process. We are simple animals; just give us defined rules, show us why we need them, and we will follow them without question. I am lucky to already have this service/feature!

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