Hello world!

Hello my darlings…I am BACK!!!! 

Those of you who used to see Fashion Patter on the Something To Wear website will remember my ramblings, for those of you who are new – greetings!

As the name implies, the focus is on fashion and always having Something To Wear.  I will blog as the mood moves me –  sharing my thoughts on current trends, fashion events, stores and designers, as well as ideas and how-to’s so everyone can look amazing.  The vision – to inspire style and make fashion accessible to everyone.  

If you have a specific fashion challenge you want help with and don’t mind sharing I would be delighted to take it on!

So join me as we find fabulous!

2 Comments to “Hello world!”

  1. Okay, Miss Fashionista time to help find some winter wedding outfits! Wedding is formal and is OUTSIDE at Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta and the reception is INDOORS. The dates are March 31 – April 3 and temperatures can range from 50 – 30 degress. I have a cocktail/outdoor skating party to attend on Friday in the early evening and the wedding is Saturday at 2pm. Items I do have to work with: a long black winter coat trimmed in black fur with matching black fur ear muffs, and dark charcoal grey suede winter boots. Please do your magic because I know the winter clothing will soon be gone from the department stores!

  2. Okay KAL – Help is on its way! I will do a quick assess and will post you something ASAP!

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