Bring on the Bling – its New Year’s Eve!




New Year’s Eve is just a few days away – what are you going to wear? 

A big trend right now, perfect for celebrating, is sequins.  Sparkly, shiny and in many many incarnations for day and night, special occasions and just feeling special.  Sequins are stepping out beyond the runway moment – those amazing dresses we all admire in the fashion magazines and then wonder where on earth do real people WEAR such things!

So just how do you wear sequins if you aren’t headed to the Oscars?  Easy – pick a single sparkly piece and pair it with classic basics.  Here are some easy ideas:

  • Going dressy – give your little black dress some zing –  add a fabulous sequined clutch in a bright colour or thrown on a cardigan with sequined embellishments.
  • Feeling bold – a sparkling black pencil skirt in all over sequins makes an amazing statement – pair it with a simple silk tank and some strappy sandals in classic black.  (Hint: Don’t go too short or you will be making another statement entirely!)
  • For something a bit more casual but still festive pair a sequined tee with flowy pants or a tunic with leggings. 
  • Dress up jeans (nice ones, please) with that same sequined tee or the beaded cardigan over a simple tank.
  • Not brave enough to go all out but still want a little sparkle – a pair of sequined embellished shoes, like these flats, will dress up basic black, brown, even denim!

Keeping the overall lines and accessories simple works best – too much gets to be really too much when you add sequins to the mix.  You don’t want to compete with someone’s Christmas Tree. 

For New Year’s Eve we are off to an adult and kids party – so I want to be festive but not TOO dressy.  I am wearing a black Lafayette 148 sequined tee top with a pair of black wide-legged trousers – add my black and silver ballet flats and a smooth silver clutch and voila!  Very 30’s film star. 

So, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve and what are you wearing to do it?

One Comment to “Bring on the Bling – its New Year’s Eve!”

  1. Great job and well written.

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